Here you have two options: You can either visit our online store and browse a wide array of products, or you can download our designs, iron them on and make them yourself! Have fun and show your Templar Knights Pride!

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Just print the designs below & iron them on yourself!
Please see notes at bottom of page.

Design 2

Design 3:

Design 4:

Design 5:

Design 6:

Design 7:


To make your own t-shirts, hats, bags, etc., you will need iron-on transfer paper, available at most computer and stationery stores.

When you open the files you will see that the actual designs are backwards. This is required for iron-on transfers.

You will need to resize the images. We recommend placing them in a Microsoft Word document (Insert Menu > Picture > From File) and resizing accordingly.

Print a test page on regular paper first, as iron-on paper is expensive and usually sold only in packs of 10 or less.

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